Saturday, June 6, 2009


Next up last Wednesday was the fabulously-named Caruso. Just had a quick read of their myspace there, my my, they are a busy lot. In the Sessions we had the fortune to have Shane, Grainne and Silent (but not unwilling) Ger to wow us with their tunes.

Caruso have been doing to circuit for quite a while, it seems. To me, they are Dublin rock grandpappies. They are the bench mark for alt-folk-rock and they are doing fantasically and deservedly well to date.

Fabulously diverse, they bunny-hop genres and have a wide appeal. They released their debut The Watcher and the Comet in 08 and have been playing rakes and rakes of gigs since. Currently they are recording the next step and fingers crossed it will be as well received as the last one, which went down and storm.

Fronted by the charismatic Shane and vocal-gymnast Grainne, the sound is tight, professional, and keeps you on your musical toes. This is the sort of rock that makes nuns revoke their vows.

So if you want to catch these on-the-up dudes, do it soon (June 16th in Whelans), cos after that they're playing all over the world, it seems (including Greystones. Hurrah!).

After Whelans, it's Newfoundland in August. Then New Zealand in September. Obviously.


Me too. Check them out.

Caruso's website thingy

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